Jonathan Lear​

President Earthport PLC | 
FinTech | Business Growth | Strategy
       The global payments and cash management business is undergoing profound structural transformation.
Businesses and individuals want to pay and be paid faster than ever before with greater transparency, data, and analytics to support their global needs.
At the same time, there are more compliance and regulatory obligations to ensure the safe movement of money than ever before.
Once only the domain of large global banks with the necessary balance sheets and capabilities, new financial technology start-ups are entering these markets driven by freedom from legacy thinking and systems.
This is the most exciting time to be working in the global payments industry. The pace and scale of change is incredible.
New partnerships and networks are being formed on a daily basis creating more services and possibilities for customers than was ever deemed possible.
As a #FinTech entrepreneur who has worked with the worlds leading global banks; money transfer; and e-commerce business, I have a deep passion for creating global partnerships and networks. I believe that the most exciting and transformative days of our industry are still ahead.